Friday, 29 May 2009

THQ's space marine videogame

it seems very spectacular but not much more. dunno. i'll certainly not buy it, i prefere to spend some free time painting or hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend... waddayathink?


  1. hanging out with your girlfriend??? nooo you have to serve the Emperor : PPP

    About the's the umpteenth game about the marines, it's nice but nothing more!

  2. Gotta say: I want all my friends to come over some day and roll some armor saves. Not all of my friends really dig RTS gaming. Not all of them even have gaming computers. But nearly all of them have a gaming console and nearly all of them are tired of Master Chief. It's time for the REAL Space Marines to inspire them. Time for some front-row, hype-heavy console excitement that my non-dorktastic buddies can enjoy.



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