Sunday, 24 May 2009

[40k army list] Teo's Catachan imperial guard

company command squad: regimental standard, lascannon, astropath, vox-caster
colonel Straken

guardsman Marbo

platoon command squad: melta bombs, vox-caster, meltagun x3, (on chimera)
chimera: heavy flamer x1, heavy bolter x1, extra armour
infantry squad: lascannon x1, vox-caster
infantry squad: lascannon x1, vox-caster
infantry squad: missile launcher x1, vox-caster, (on chimera)
chimera: heavy flamer x1, heavy bolter x1, extra armour
veteran squad: lascannon x1, plasma gun x1, gunnery sergeant Harker
veteran squad: plasma gun x3 (on valkyrie)

scout sentinel squadron: autocannon x2
valkyrie: lascannon, rocket pods x2

leman russ: battlecannon, heavy bolter x2, lascannon x1
leman russ demolisher: demolisher cannon, heavy bolter


  1. The valkyrie, the sentinel and the veterans with Harker come in play with the flanking special rule, Marbo is a jolly and the rest of the army provide antitank/infantry fire.
    The chimera carry two squad in order to take objectives.

  2. Hi! let me give you a tip learned from several bitter defeats:

    Never combine lascannon with normal squads, or just with squads with anti-infantry weapons (lasrifle)

    On one hand, when you fire to an armoured objective, you're missing all your lasrifle shots.

    On the other hand, when you're firing against infantry, your lascannon is underused.

    So, in infantry squads, include heavy bolter, mortar or autocannon (missile launcher is a valid option also, but frag missiles are worse than heavy bolter shots). Then, in heavy weapons squads or sentinels, include lascannons.

    Your infantry platoon command is perfect for tankhunting role, and the russes and valkyre will also add extra anti-armour firepower. So I may change some things:

    ·Add a setinel with a lascannon (mobile lascannons scare enemies very well), but in a separate unit.
    ·Replace all the lascannons by HB/autocannons
    ·Add (or replace one of the existing squads) a heavy weapons squad with lascannon or missile launcher
    ·Add a special weapons squad with flammers (this is a personal choice, somedays you'll be luck and incinerate three times the cost of this unit and other days they will be killed before they can fire)

    Hope it helps.



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