Monday, 16 November 2009

dreadnought anyone?

let's talk about dreadnoughts: the classic, the venerable and the ironclad.

personally i do like only the first one: the second is too expensive, the third is an awful miniature, if i will field it i'll certainly convert a classic one (i own the metal one and the plastic one) instead of buying a new plastic ironclad.
my personal two cents: i find myself in the embarrassing situation of losing lots of space marines squads due to some hateful black templars crusades so i said myself: "let's go armour, those bastards can't pierce anything heavier than armour 10... only the power fist (2 attacks charging) can be a problem". in this case armour 13 of the ironclad can be of some help. also a second close combat weapon might be useful. obviously the tactic is to keep the dreadnought ready for countercharge the crusade squad or even bash the land raider that transports them with the close combat weapon.
theoretically, it can work out. but what if i play against other enemies? the problem would rise if i have to play a game against a slower army, like tau or imperial guard... i guess the dreadnought, without a drop pod would be useless... but i hate drop pods.
so? please help me!

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  1. eheh are you speaking about my lovely crusaders? :D , there is nothing that you can do in order to survive, you can only dieee!!!

    Speaking seriously I think that the most suitable dreadnought for you is the Ironclad: the venerable is too expensive and the classic has only 2 attacks, besides it has armor 12, it's not good against power fist!

    Ironclad has armor 13 and 3 attacks ( 4 if it charges! ), besides i'll give him the heavy flamer instead of the storm bolter.

    145 points for a very strong countercharge's machine!



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