Thursday, 12 November 2009

the hobby so far

just a bit of service information:
  • as many of you may have seen: this monday there wasn't any Fantasy Monday post. the fact is that i gotta paint my whole Ultramarines army for a tournament that will take place on december 22nd so the fantasy posting is interrupted until the job is done. maybe, i'm not sure at all, there will be ONE posting before de Ultras deadline.
  • the poll says i shouldn't waste points on heavy stubbers, with a slight advantage on the second option: put them on the demolisher. well i guess i'll keep these two options in mind in order to fit both solutions from time to time.
  • i'll post asap the pics of Ultras Traianus squad: yesterday i put some decals on their armours so they are ready for the battlefield
  • i've started to paint Terminators: a dream comes finally true.
  • the demolisher conversion goes on: i'll soon show you some new concept drawings or maybe the tutorial for the brand new Odessa X pattern Leman Russ turret.
  • Space Hulk is addicting: Teo and me got a full week end play and we're quite satisfied. expect articles about this stuff.

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