Friday, 20 November 2009

Oldschool terminator librarian (aka how to enhance an ugly miniature)

do you remember the dear old librarian in terminator armour? well, let's say this: it sucks. but i have to field him and i don't want to waste money in the new miniature (that, by the way, is marvellous). so i've got to make him a little nicer for the upcoming tournament.

first of all, since back in the days it was sold with the 20mm slottabase, i made for him a scenic 40mm base, urban themed. i just glued a small pipe, a bit of polystyrene that represents a broken block of concrete with some tiled plasticard and some skeletons bits. then i glued the guy over the base and made for him the mandatory piece of wargear you really can't go without:
the storm shield. i used a piece of 1mm thick plasticard (cut with random dimension) and filed it trying to model a nose cone shape, then, with the help of a round pen i pushed it on the cylindrical shape of the pen in order to achieve the typical rounded shape of the shield (dunno if i made it to explain myself), as you know a flat shield would be really ugly-looking. then i added some bits and the usual rivets and this is the result, do you like it? i think it has a believable pose, he simply walks keeping guard up, ready to smash the axe over the enemy's head.
yeah, i know, today my english is worst then ever.

PS: the shield arm is interchangeable, i think i'll magnetize it


  1. That's a great idea and it looks really good too. How did you do the hand holding onto the back of the shield?

  2. thank Argos, i simply used a plastic terminator arm, the ones who hold the storm bolter, cut away the gun, provided a little filing and glued on the filed area of the fist where i eliminated the edge



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