Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cadian veteran!

I began to paint seriously all of my guardmen: this is the first of the first batch. the camo scheme is the usual urban camo made of medium grey as main colour and black stripes.

Right now i'm using Vallejo game and model colours and for the grey i combined:
  • German grey
  • Basalt grey 
  • Cold grey
Black stripes are painted with:
  • Black
  • German grey
  • Black wash or Lifecolor's Panzer Uniform instead of German grey
 Green fatigues are painted with:
  • Yellow olive
  • Cayman green
  • Camouflage green

I'm particularly happy with the red patch of the squad's number on the left shoulder. This make my guardsmen really tidy, very clear to understand who is who on the battlefield!

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