Thursday, 8 September 2011

Orlando's guardians

Sorry for the huge delay, i had a tremendously busy schedule! i hope to relax and be able to sit back for a while.
These are Orlando's guardians, painted with the usual Kaelis colour scheme. they are the usual plastic guardians that came out in 1999 with the 3rd edition codex.

As you can see every gem on this model has been painted in different colours from the others giving this guardian a really unique feel and a degree of attention usually dedicated only to independent characters.

Following, group shot of the rest of the squad. The colour scheme varies in order to give a heterogeneous feel to the squad

More to come! this time i swear this is the truth!


  1. Great finish, I hope, in future, be able to handle as well as your painting. I am a rookie and the truth is that these types of entries for details on the mini, are very useful.
    Greetings from Spain.

  2. well, actually these are painted by a friend of mine but, if you like to, there are many links on the lefthand side of this page about my miniatures. enjoy!



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