Monday, 29 November 2010

headbutt on the bus windscreen!

today i broke the windscreen of a bus with my head so no miniatures painting for a while! i can't believe how much hard my head is!
by the way, i'm ok, so don't even worry!


  1. Talk about taking things head on mate!

  2. Seriously? Do you mind if I ask how this happened? I once broke a plastic fan with my head (on purpose) and I thought that was serious business!

  3. yes, seriously!
    well i was on the bus, next to the driver, when a kid crossed the road without paying attention for any car to come. the driver had to brake really abruptly making everyone to fall. this is how i did :-) i think i've got some sort of superpower

  4. Wow man, unlucky! Did you get a concussion? Stupid kids!

  5. LOL so your first thought was "I so need to take a picture for my blog!"

  6. no concussion Antipope, i didn't faint, just a lump on my head.
    yeah, just to show how tough i am :-) everyone congratulated at the hospital :-D

  7. Ah, okay that's not too bad then :) I would probably do the same thing, take a picture and show it to everybody.



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