Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kill Team camo scheme part II

more Killteam camo scheme! i chose to paint the flak armour grey in combination to the camo scheme of the fatigues just to give this soldier a ww2 feel... just think to Wehrmacht/SS soldiers on the western front in 1944, you couldn't find two men dressed in the same way, so this is what i'm trying to achieve.

the camouflage is done this way:
  1. black primer
  2. catachan green basecoat
  3. bestial brown spots
  4. bubonic brown spots
  5. black wash
  6. 50/50 camo green + catachan green highlight
  7. snakebite leather highlight


  1. That's good work on the camo. Reminds me of the "Italian" pattern worn by German airborne in ww2. Great stuff!



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