Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Limited edition Valhallan tank riders

do you remember these guys? they came for free with che old Chimera kit (1996 circa) with another tank commander (that i don't own)... below, the one on the right. it is still available from GW mailorder while the passengers are gone but i think you can find them on Ebay.

so, i added those guys on my streched chimera and painted it as my command tank

i'll post the whole model as soon as i finish it!


  1. Wow, nice, you really got an eye for old guard models, eh? Some of them are very nice but I am drawn more into the versatility of the plastic models.

  2. yes buddy i totally love the oldschool stuff. indeed new plastic model are much more versatile but they need some conversion work. anyway, i'm planning another guard regiment based on plastic stuff modified with some spare westwind heads.

  3. Lookin Good. I had a set of those guys. Put the three of them on separate small terrain pieces and use them as objective markers.



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