Tuesday, 8 December 2009

map based campaign

since i'm tired of competitive powerplay i've planned some rules for a 40k campaign: i just wanna sit back and relax while playing my favourite tabletop game. the ideas are:
  • use a hexagon-divided map: this will be made with photoshop and uploaded somewhere in order to be able to update it through a blog: every player will declare weekly his move dropping a comment
  • terrain is divided in Urban and Field, so we might use some Cities of Death rules. in addition to this some Field hexagons are designated to be Core terrain for the race that starts the campaign from there (Core Terrain grants 500 pts to be spent in the armylist planning), others are Aerocamp hexagons (allow to replace losses and to change armylist whenever a player wants, a sort of reinforcements gateway). every player has 3 Core & 1 Aerocamp. obviously if these are lost things get difficult. some Urban hexagons might have CoD stratagems but i'm not sure.
  • every conquered zone (hexagon) grants some points to be spent, as wrote above: Core 500 (very rare), Field 100. the maximum amount of fieldable points is 2000 and of course it is possible to have unbalanced battles (maybe this can be one of many roads to victory).
  • players will be 4: Eldar (Kaelis fleet), Space Marines (Ultramarines and Black Templars), Planetary Defence Force (PDF).
  • the PDF can be "conquered". in order to do this the wishing player must move in the PDF's Fortress hexagon and make a check: roll a D6, on 4+ the invading commander manages to convince the PDF commander that he's on the right side. from now PDF player must act as he's told by his conqueror. if the test gives a 1,2 or 3 then a normal battle must take place: if PDF wins then it still preserves his independence, if it loses then is conquered as explained above.
  • MISSIONS: always casual deployment
    Urban: always KP game
    Field: always Seize Ground game
    Aerocamp & Core: always Capture & Control game
    if the Battle Missions book comes out i'll probably change something and add special missions.
  • VICTORY CONDITIONS: control the whole Hive (8 Urban hexagons) or wipe out every opponent by conquering every hexagon belonging to an enemy

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