Sunday, 13 December 2009

quick map update

well, i added some hive hexagons to my map. the question is: should i group them in the centre of the planet (representing a centralized urbanization) or is it more realistic to scatter them on the surface? i chose the 2nd. the hive tiles are simply pics of Planetary empires found on GW site, cut down with photoshop and pasted on the grid.
also i added o bit of numbers to identify the various tiles so when a player will declare a move it will be pretty simple to understand where i wanna go. by the way those number are still provisional. for the hives i guess i'll use names (like "xxx city" or "yyy hold") instead of numbers.

last but not least: in order to add a bit of taste to the game i think i'll include some extra rules like Planetary empires stratagem cards but, instead of cards, we'll use tables: rolling on them will bring some result, but i'm still working on that.

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