Friday, 18 December 2009

Valkyrie gunners

quick update: just want to show you these guys, do you like them?

i've painted them quite over the needed because they will be hidden inside the valkyrie hull but who cares, they are nice this way. i'm particularly proud of the targeters and of course of the shoulder insignas.
i'm tired of space marines so i began completing my valkyrie and the next step will be to make it magnetized... and not only to interchange its weapons... stay tuned!


  1. Loving the targeters, but the caution striped helmet looks a little like a turban in some of the pics. It seems a little odd to have huge caution stripes on a helmet anyway. You may want to reconsider this.

    Other than that, they look sweet.

  2. I agree about the caution strips. I think i would have done them as two V's one inside the other. Otherwise I'm diggin these two, can't wait to see the whole thing come together.



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