Thursday, 17 December 2009

miscellaneous information

the deadline is gone but the space marines paintjob lies. the fact is that i'm currently working on my graduation thesis that is a harder work than painting toy soldiers but i gotta do if
i want to get out of university and start having a social life. yeah, engineering kills it.

so, i made some decisions:
  • i'm gonna finish Scipio squad before 2009 ends (maybe)
  • meanwhile, during xmas vacation i'll finish to build, magnetize and paint my valkyrie (i got some Bretonnian decals that fit perfectly!)
  • eat as much as i can
  • party as much as i can
  • ironclad arm is en route from USA. i'll paint the dreadnought asap!
  • gotta finish chaplain + termies
  • every other project is put in stadby for now.

+++++ end of transmission +++++


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